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Audi TTS Drives itself at SEMA 2010

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  • Audi TTS Drives itself at SEMA 2010

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    Audi has come up with a really neat concept car that autonomously drives itself on intermediate road courses. The car has 5 antennas, 1 of which is for radio remote control, 2 for ground based GPS and 2 for satellite GPS. The ground GPS helps the car stay within mere centimeters of its path.

    Currently the car uses a pre-programmed path, and it needs the ground based GPS system. But they are working on a way so that the path isn't needed and it can make its own intelligent choices.

    There are 2 computers driving this thing, both core 2 duo machines. One is handling sensor data and the other is controlling the car.

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    Cool car -- but some of the description on the video isn't quite right...

    1. The car uses Differential GPS
    so... Read the text -- the video part isn't right about this.

    2. GPS was originally developed by the US military for miltary purposes. The GPS data provided is extremely accurate. There isn't an error in GPS data. Of course, the ability to get the most accurate positioning using just GPS is reserved for the military, thus use of differential GPS is necessary for civilain use. If this wasn't the case, *smart bombs* might have an issue.

    Anyways, just wanted to clear that up.