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Facial Recognition & Sound Recognition Carnegie Mellon - CES 2011

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  • Facial Recognition & Sound Recognition Carnegie Mellon - CES 2011

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    Rob Wray, from mp3Car, takes a look at Carnegie Mellon University's "quality of life technology research center." A facial recognition technology is able to zoom in on your cursor depending on how far away your face is from the screen. Another device is able to use the sound of your finger to determine what motion your finger is making and this, in turn, dictates what the cursor on your screen does. Future applications could include combining this technology with a spacial recognition technology to give the user a very precise method of input control with no touch pad or mouse.
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    i really like the sound-control idea! instead of constantly trying to integrate volume controls, and touch screens, just draw on a open part of the dash...

    though, i wonder how tough it would be to get the mic to deal with road noise, and still be sensitive..
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