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Parrot's New Android Head Unit - CES 2011

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  • Parrot's New Android Head Unit - CES 2011

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    Parrot electronics showcases their new Asteroid single din head unit running the Android operating system using an ARM 9 processor at roughly 500 MHz. Music, Bluetooth, Navigation, USB connectivity, an integrated amplifier all fit in a form factor less than 5" deep. Best of all, the unit will be open for community application development.
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    what booth had the plane/helicopter flying behind rob at the end of the video?
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      Ha Ha! You noticed that too...


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        its the parrot booth. They made the ArDrone


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          Fail. It only has 4 channel output! The rears can be converted but at the price tag this will command, an extra set of outputs would have been easy and needed!
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            Wrong, for the average user they would not need 6 channel outputs, only a few people do. I am looking forward to the release of this unit and would use it with a 5 channel amp that has only 4 channel inputs... Not sure what you were expecting and if this proves popular more advanced units will come out.