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A quick flying lesson with the AR Drone, by Parrot

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  • A quick flying lesson with the AR Drone, by Parrot

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    After goofing around with it at the office last week, we decided to post a quick review of the AR Drone by Parrot. Since shooting the video, I also managed to fracture the Drone's cross-bar, which costs a reasonable $25 to replace. So, while it's not the cheapest or most durable gadget, it is a lot of fun, and definitely less expensive than some other flying hobbies--like building your own model plane from scratch (and then crashing it in the office).

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    gives me a error "stream not found"

    for the cost thing, $25 is still kind of expensive for small rc.. my little blade mcx has only broken about $10 worth of parts--a flybar, and a main shaft... but my blade 400... that has gone through at least $400-500 worth of parts...(it averages about $50-75 per crash)
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    next project? subaru brz
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