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OBD there or OBD square. (?)

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  • OBD there or OBD square. (?)

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    Before I built my 1st carputer I was running the ScanGauge II in a couple of my vehicles and I still use it to scan vehicles for friends and customers. I must say it is one of the best investments I ever made and the value far exceeds the cost. You are also able to manually program in specific PIDs for different make and models with the available info from off their website. If the supplied cable is not long enough all you have to do is get a straight through RJ-45 cable extension coupler and whatever length straight through Ethernet cable you need, which is what I did. Screen colors can be changed to predefined colors or make you'r own by combining various amounts of red, green and blue.

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    Project X10 Belazer
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