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Car Computer Install: Building the Computer Cable Management

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  • Car Computer Install: Building the Computer Cable Management

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    Sean Clark, from mp3Car, illustrates the importance of proper cable management in any carputer build. Especially in smaller enclosures, making sure your computer has plenty of ventilation is essential. Zip ties keep the cables away from case vents and moving fans. They also make closing the case without pinching and damaging wires easy. It's important not to put pressure on delicate cables such as the motherboard power switch cable. It's also important not to put pressure on the memory when closing the case.
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    Nice work. Now teach me how to management cabling to a 5 channel amp, two batteries, isolator and 21 USB devices Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      My Response:


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        I have to ask, whats up with the cardboard box for the Amp? If it was a problem with brand placement, a simple piece of tape over the manufacturers logo / name would have fixed that. Good video, just the cardboard box stand in was a bit cheesy
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          Not a brand issue. We didn't have the amp yet and was on a tight schedule for the video. Future videos go into more amp detail once we actually got it.

          Plus it's kinda funny lol

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            Is there a reason you didn't connect the P4 connector from the power supply to the motherboard? I thought it was necessary to do so.


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              This board doesn't draw enough power to need the extra 12v


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                ^and not all boards require it.
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                  The board don,t display the total information.


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                    Ahhhh, i see.

                    I take it you will be using the P4 connection to power the monitor?