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There are a thousand reasons to go to AFKFest. I've picked ten. See you there, 9/24

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  • There are a thousand reasons to go to AFKFest. I've picked ten. See you there, 9/24

    10. Speaker Series: Hear from an amazing (and growing!) lineup of speakers with great advice, ideas, and new trends in the world of mobile computing. Take advantage of their insight and get a bead on whatís around the corner for us all.

    9. Oktoberfest: if you get overwhelmed by cutting edge technology talk, dart down to Oktoberfest in Baltimore for a liter of Germanyís finest beer and a bite to eat. Youíll be yelling ausgezeichnet in no time.

    8. Cars and their respective computers: Take a look at some of the more interesting Car-PC projects that weíve run into, and speak their owners personally. Ask them what they like and what they donít like, and learn from their mistakes in order to make your next project a breeze.

    7. Orioles/Red Sox: September baseball is the bestóit combines gorgeous weather, the most beautiful ballpark in America, and the sheer desperation that has come to mark the Orioles organization in recent years. Extend your trip by one day and take in a game with Baltimoreís skyline as a dramatic backdrop to an inevitable blow-out.

    6. Betascape: If youíve never been, then there is no better opportunity. Stop by on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for an action-packed weekend of art, technology, and creative-synergistic-intrigue. Conveniently located, and even more conveniently timed, to sync up with our own AFKFest. Not to be missed.

    5. Dining/Nightlife: Quite sneakily, Baltimore has emerged as an epicenter for food trends and vibrant nightlife, and at a whisper of prices in most cities. Sit down at one of dozens of award-winning and restaurants for fresh, seasonal, and quirky food, and follow it up with a crawl around one of several historic neighborhoods. Youíll be quaffing libations in one of the most accessible and historic cities on the East Coast. Heck, Iíll join you.

    4. What else are you going to do? Honestly, Iíve seen your calendar, and itís not exactly busting at the seams with awesome events that youíll have to cancel. Even if it is, youíll have the greatest excuse ever: ďIím going to [the tech-version of] Disneyland [in scenic Baltimore, MD]!!Ē

    3. Culture: Ah yes, while youíre in town, you may as well sign up for a sophisticated and cultural activity. Take advantage of the dozen or so celebrated museums in Baltimore, ranging from priceless art at the Walters to George Washingtonís teeth at the Dentistry. Many of them are free, all of them are interesting, and most of them have a coat check.

    2. Hurricane Irene: Uhhhhh, we just got hit by one of the more expensive natural disasters of the past few decades. Arenít you even a little bit curious about how a city that was built several hundred years ago climbs out of back-to-back weeks of earthquakes and hurricanes? See it first hand, and help me put my roof deck back together.

    1. Iím not allowed to tell you the number one reason. But Iíll give you a hint: Rob Wray hasnít shaved in weeks.

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    I would love to be there, if only it wasn't for the 10 + hour drive. Oh well, have fun


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      Originally posted by ChasPhillips View Post
      1. I’m not allowed to tell you the number one reason. But I’ll give you a hint: Rob Wray hasn’t shaved in weeks.
      Haha, I may have to make a special visit the week after afkfest just to see that, since I won't be able to make it.
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        It's just over 3 weeks away people.. time to clean up those trunks! Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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