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Custom motorized Display for g35

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  • Custom motorized Display for g35

    I do not know where else to post this so here goes. I have been working on this for quite sometime and my efforts are just not working. I wanted to put a 8.4" vga touchscreen display in the upper pocket of my g35. As the title say I would like to make it motorized. I should be possible but I do not have a masters skill or machine shop. Idealy I would love to dismantle the display and seperate the controls and boards from the display itself which would also require custom ribbon cables. I would much rather aquire help then money for this project. On the other hand if it would require outside help then yes money would be needed and helpful. So please please any help would be greatful. This project of mine has consumed too much of my money as is and has gone on for too long. Wish I had my own R&D team.

    P.S. The display will be use for Centrafuse and a program that monitors all my cars stats (Uprev Ciper). And I wanted to control it with micro momentary switchs that will fit and fill in the space below my head unit.

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    my 5-cents (3 more then you want, 2 more then you need)

    i would like to see a rough- universal kit for motorized screens.

    there are a couple people that want to do something like this, but not really any 2 with the same car....hence, a g35-specific kit would really only work for a very few people...
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      Well the issue with that is there is no real rough desgin possible. All cars are different so you are still left with custom work. If you want something along these lines
      - Xenarc MDT-X7000
      - Xenarc 700IDT
      Thats about as close to universal as you get. But the G35 is a growing scene now that they are coming down in price. And they have been produced since 03, so if it was ever to be mass produced there could be a small market for it.


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        i have a 2001 eclipse, and recently know of a 2nd gen eclipse owner(95-99) on this site that also wants to do it... these are even cheaper cars( ), but i still think that the aftermarket-motorized display market is extremely limited if you were to only focus on one model of vehicle.

        please note, i am not saying that a g35 or eclipse is a poor choice to base it on(i am sure that you feel as strongly about your own car as i do), i just think that it is way more limiting then focusing on a broad range of vehicles. i feel this same way even if someone came to the market with a 'eclipse-specific' idea like this--for me it has nothing to do with the type/brand/etc of the car that this idea is focused on..

        a different take: maybe come up with a modification service that will modify, and reinforce the current lcd screens on the market--i know of many on this site that only shy away from motorized lcd's due to their poor build quality...(heck, i avoid buying one for this same reason)

        if this were to be done, this would cover a lot of models, and brands-- chrysler, and chevy specifically love the 1.5 din standard (large enough for a 1 din radio, too small for a bolt-in screen) and i have seen plenty of each around this forum, and i have no doubt there would be more in the future...

        if there were a service to do this, the 1 din motorized vga-lcd market would then be more widely available-- meaning that almost anyone, with any car could install more reliable, bolt-in carpc-With no fabrication required!!-there are very few cars on the market in any price range and any year that there are not 1 din radio install kits for...
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
        carpc undecided


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          hey Dagoloth, check out this thread:

          My suggestion, consider getting stock pop out mechanism and a 7 inch screen... you can but a 7 inch screen from mp3car store for like $200 nowadays


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            well 2 issues with that thehump. 1. I already have the 8.4 and it cost me $400. 2. To get the GPS parts for my car even on ebay runs about $500. But thanks anyways and props to that guy.

            And props to this guy


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              Why not just buy a already built motorized screen? Then mod that to open the way you want. The infiniti is like the Cadillac? Where the screen slides up? All you would have to do is have the unit sitting straight up and down and wire it so when the screen is all the way out, it no longer flips, instead just goes in and out, which would look like up and down.
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                I'm actually putting together a build for my own purposes, i'd figured i wasn't the only one wanting the pan/tilt abilities I'm an Me major with access to prototyping machines like the 3d printer and waterjet. Also have some experience with arduino programming. I've bought a few little servo motors, and am currently working on the code and CAD design of the hardware. As soon as i get the cad design put together i may post it here see if i can't get a bit of support seeing as i'm still in college lol. But it shouldn't be to bad pretty simple mechanics. But basically with my design in order for it to be universal which is my aim, anyone wanting to use this feature will need to do a few things:
                1. Somehow freeup their monitor, keep it its housing that find but obviously it has to have the option of a few degrees of movement left and right up and down.
                2. a couple inches behind the screen for the mechanism to be housed.

                planned features include:
                either d pad or joystick control, with reset to "zero" position button. I initially wanted it to be able to come OUT from the dash but upon further designing that axis of movement woudl jus take too much modification, sacrifice too much stability, and really its not as needed eh lol.