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Cameras are not just for video recording

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  • Cameras are not just for video recording

    Hey so I am looking to add an HD Hero camera (or an equivalent) to my car pc system. The purpose of the camera would primarily start out as a recording device for driving, mounted somewhere in the grill at the front of the car. However, since I am trying to be innovative I would like to make this camera do more than just record video and take pictures. One idea that I would love to incorporate would be to include license plate scanning technology (similar to systems used by parking enforcement and ezpass). The purpose of this would be to keep track of cars that I have seen before and perhaps log a GPS coordinate as well. Another thought is that this system could also be used to read traffic signs or something of that nature. Now, the software side of that seems daunting to me, but starting out with a great camera like the hd hero would vastly help me along towards reaching those end goals. I believe that these are ideas that have not been tried before and so I would certainly be bringing innovation to the activity. Here is a link to my project page thus far:
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