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  • Quantified Driving Behavior App - iOS

    Hi, my name is Matt, and I'm a developer on a project that might be of interest to you guys. It's an iPhone app that tracks your driving behavior. Routes, route times harsh brakes, hard accelerations, fuel economy... stuff like that. I imagine most of the people on this board/interested in this stuff are familiar with or have OBDII devices and apps, and this is a hardware-less, free version of that. We're not really looking to compete with Dash Command, or Torque or Automatic, anybody looking to get super-accurate, real time telematics data should go with those products. This is more like a gateway to the world of quantified driving. You don't have to buy an Bluetooth OBD reader to try it, because where they use a direct hardware link to the ECU, we're taking data from the handset sensors(GPS, Accelerometer, Orientation, etc)and feeding it through a data model to derive fuel economy and driving behavior.

    If you want to check it out, the consumer facing app is here:

    Our business facing solution is still in beta, and it harnesses this same framework to give fleet managers an inexpensive, hardware free, short-term telematics solution. Basically a snap-shot of their fleet's driving patterns, so they can make informed decisions regarding vehicle acquisitions... anyway, that's a whole different shameless plug.

    Last thing, all the data lives on the phones. We take your vehicle year, make and model but that's it. There's no creepy internet dashboard tracking your destinations/behavior.
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