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How to Use the mp3Car Wiki

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  • How to Use the mp3Car Wiki

    Creating New Pages

    To create new pages, click the "wiki" option in the nav bar, and then "post new article".

    Give your article a name and then you are free to write your article.

    How to Create New Pages Within Articles

    You can also create new wiki pages by wrapping wiki [WIKI]BBcode[/WIKI] tags around a word. Every time you do that a new page will be created with that word/or reference one that already exists, with blank text. Users can later on go edit that new page.

    Cool Feature

    When you wrap wiki tags around a word, if the page already exists, in the article it shows up blue, and when you hover gives you a short detail of that article. If you wrap wiki tags around a word that doesn't exist, it shows up red meaning someone needs to write some text for that word

    Case INsensitive

    thankfully creating new or referring to wiki pages by wrapping wiki tags is not case sensitive. And it ignores white space. So you don't need to worry if you capitalized a word or added a space by accident.

    How to Create Headings

    There is a frizzy H button in the [WIKI]BBcode[/WIKI] bar in all of the text editors for wiki. Click that and it will ask you for a number. You can enter 1 through 6. 1 is a main heading 2 is a level 2 and so on. They will automatically be formatted in your wiki article for you. These will eventually populate the table of contents

    How to Create a Table of Contents

    A table of contents uses the H [WIKI]BbCode [/WIKI]headings throughout your wiki article to generate a toc. If there are more than 4 headings it will auto generate. But you can always force it create one by typing the [WIKI]BBcode[/WIKI] toc with the word FORCE between the tags. Place this wherever you want the toc to be.

    What Happened to All of Our Old Wikis

    They are here.
    Don't worry we will be porting over all of your old data soon. Nothing will be lost, but you can always make new and/or better articles, in the mean time.

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    Is it just me, or shouldn't the headings listed as 2, 3, etc all show up bolded black, like 1 does?
    Play with it, 'til it's broke.


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      I think it uses 5 styles, and then it its smaller font the higher you go. On my mac it renders the styles a lot better and it's easier to see, on this PC its hard to tell but they are different.


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        Yes, but with typical outlining, each level should look the same... 1, 2, 3, & 4's headings should all look alike, and 1.1 & 2.1 should look the same as each other, and so on and so forth.

        I don't think it's a problem from our end, nor is it actually an issue... It's more of an observation.

        Also, am I retarded, or am I missing the edit portion?
        Play with it, 'til it's broke.


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          Was a permission issue, you should be able to edit now.