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battery from a laptop in an install

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  • battery from a laptop in an install

    If you take out your laptop's battery, it will act as a regular desktop. But note that this also means if you remove power without shutting down it will like pulling the plug on your desktop, so you might lose data or, though it is unlikely, damage something. Normally when laptops lose power there are mechanisms to switch to battery (and when the battery is far down, initiate a clean shutdown or go into hibernate). An old, nearly-dead battery might work best since it will provide a few minutes of power, just enough to shutdown or hibernate. Or you will need special wiring so that it uses but doesn't completely drain the car's

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    Someone needs to do some proofreading before posting these wiki entries.
    This one cuts off in mid-sentence.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I agree, anyone should feel free to do so- DP, - please feel free to edit if you see something that needs it, some of this information is pretty outdated as it is.

      This wiki could become a valuable resource for the forum if people are willing to take the time to create articles and update them.
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