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  • CarNetix

    Micro power supplies such as the PW200 do not include power regulation as part of their design. The CarNetix corporation, realizing the shortcomings of the widely distributed micro power supplies, developed a regulator product to work in conjunction with them. The CarNetix regulators feed clean, regulated power to these micro power supplies.

    CarNetix has gone to great lengths to write an excellent document about how to choose the correct power supply for your vehicle PC project.


    Designed for mini-PCs like some small form factor such as an HP unit, Mac Mini, Cappuccino, laptop, notebook, and any other computers that utilize a 'transformer brick' that supply 18V - 20V. This regulator includes a start-up/shutdown controller, acceptance of a remote turn-on.

    The primary output is jumper selectable for 18V, 19V, or 20V operation and can provide up to 6.32 amps (125 Watts @ 20V ). The secondary output is jumper selectable to provide either +12V to power your LCD screen or +5V to power USB devices with up to 3 amps (15 Watts). The P1900 can accept battery input as low as 7 volts under full load (140 watts) during cranking while providing a well-regulated output.

    The CNX-P1290 provides 6.3A of 12v current, for a maximum output of 75.6w. It also provides 3A of 5v current (15w) for those devices that require it.

    The CNX-P1260 provides 5A of 12v current, for a maximum output of 60w.

    CNX-P5V 15w 5V PoL
    Output Voltage: +5V Output Power: 3A max or 15W For applications that require more than about 1 amp, a small heatsink will be required (16 degC/Watt).