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Mini-box micro power supplies

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  • Mini-box micro power supplies

    PicoPSU-120 & PW-200M
    These units are designed to power a miniITX motherboard, such as the VIA EPIA-series motherboards. They are small (especially the PicoPSU), which gives them a decided advantage for vehicle installations, where space is usually at a premium. However, these units do not regulate the 12v line and will require a regulator for safe operation.

    Since this PSU is unregulated the vehicle's voltages are feed directly to any 12V devices that are connected to the power supply.

    There are some hobbyists that use these models without regulation. This can only be accomplished with systems based on Via's C3 CPU, as it draws power from the 5V rail, while other CPUs draw power from the 12V rail. Any components that require 12V connected to a system powered in this way are likely to have problems up to and including failure of the component.

    This newer version of the PicoPSU does not require regulated 12v input, making it a better choice for a vehicle installation. However, it is designed to power a motherboard with no other components such as hard drive or optical drive and only a minimal number of USB devices. It has a very low power output, making it a suitable choice for the EPIA line of motherboards with the C3 CPU.
    12v = 0.4A (4.8w)
    3.3v = 6A (19.8w)
    5v = 6A (30w)