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Pioneer DEQ P8000 - MSRP: 500

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  • Pioneer DEQ P8000 - MSRP: 500

    5.1-Channel Digital Audio Processor Built-in Dolby® Digital / DTS™ / Dolby® Pro Logic® II* / Linear PCM Decoder 24-bit 6-Channel DAC & 6-Channel DSP Digital Sound Control (6 modes) Time Alignment & Speaker Set-up Mode 4.1-Channel Down Mixing Multi-Channel AUTO-EQ Setting (Mic Included) Multi-Channel AUTO-Time Alignment (0 ~ 200inch) MOSFET50 (50W x 5-Channel High Power) 6-channel Hi-Volt Preouts (Front L&R, Rear L&R, Center, Subwoofer) (5V) High-Pass Crossover: 63/80/100/125/160/200Hz Subwoofer Crossover (LPF): 63/80/100/125/160/200Hz, +/-10dB 3-Band, 3-Channel Parametric EQ (Center, Front, Rear) with 7 presets (5 fixed, 2 custom) Listening Position Selector Source Level Adjuster (SLA) 2 Optical Inputs (1 for DVD main units and 1 for DVD source players) IP-Bus Input/Output 1-Day Back-up Memory Optional Center Channel Speaker (TS-CX7) is available Optional Multi-Channel Controller (AXM-P8000) required for use with AVIC-N1 and AVX-P8DVD Eclipse 39011 - MSRP: ???

    Surround Processor Maximum Output Level: 7.7 volts Frequency Response (20 to 20,000 Hz, referenced to 1,000 Hz): +0.0, -1.2 dB Channel Seperation: at 1,000 Hz, 72.8 dB; at 20,000 Hz, 76.3 dB Dynamic Range (A-weighted, referenced to 0 dB): 99.9 dB S/N Ratio (A-weighted, referenced to 0 dB): 97.6 dB THD Plus Noise (with 1,000 Hz): at 0 dB, 0.02%; at -20 dB, 0.03% D/A Linearity (at -90 dB): +0.6 dB Interchannel Phase Error (at 20,000 Hz): 1.2 degrees

    Quote: Eclipse Radio's equipt with onboard DSP controllers can benefit from the 39011 Digital Sound-Field Processor, transforms the mobile environment into an acoustical sound stage. It answers the question "Can I use an outboard D/A Converter with my Eclipse radio" Yes! The 39011 incorporates the highest level of processing technology around the most advanced Burr-Brown D/A Converts in the world. The ultimate in sound quality, accuracy, reproduction.

    The 39011 DSP processor if flexible, with 2-Optical Digital inputs, 1-RCA Digital input, and 2-Stereo Analog inputs (Analog-1 Analog-2).

    When connected to an A/V Theater environment (DV3101 DVD or 55090 DVD/Tuner, the 39011 accurately reproduces the ultimate mobile 5.1 theater sound. The ambience and quality of its original recording, are accuratly replayed within the vehicle, due inpart to the advent of the Eclipse Haas Processing algorithum. Features Exclusive ECLIPSE DSP circuitry using Haas effect delivers true 5.1 Channel sound to every seat simultaneously. The Digital Dynamic Range Compressor (DDRC) automatically adjusts sound levels at different frequencies for in-vehicle enjoyment. Sound alignment adjusts the sound stage to the specific interior size of your vehicle. Choose from multiple sound settings to optimize sound playback based on listener locations. A nine-band graphic equalizer adjusts sound characteristics separately for front and rear seats. The 39011 adjusts to different system configurations, sending different sound frequencies to speakers based on the number of speakers and their locations. A built-in 20-watt center channel amplifier simplifies the task of adding a center-channel speaker to your system.