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    I know Home Depot and Lowes and other stores of that nature sell resin, but that doesnít mean itís the stuff you need! The stuff you can find at these hardware stores often sits on shelves for a LONG period of time. Resin has a shelf life, and is often exceeded at these stores, plus the quality of the brands they sell is sub-par and expensive. If you're looking for a local source for resin, rather than ordering direct, look at an automotive paint store or a marina, and ask how often the stock gets rotated.

    Personally, I prefer to buy online. I buy most all of my material from a company called US Composites[1]. High-quality products, speedy delivery, cheap prices, and customer service second to none! In all honesty, it's much easier going this route... 2-3 days shipping, and $5-10 less per gallon.