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    Once you have all of your materials, youíre ready to start setting up. Depending on the type of application, you may be fleecing your project first, but Iím not ready to cover that yetÖ Hopefully, I will have time to cover that later, but for now, Iím all about layiní down some mat!

    Whatever youíre doing, make sure to more than adequately covering anything that you could drip on. Waxy newspaper is good to lay down/tape down. Old sheets are good as well. This simple step makes cleanup 100Xís easier!

    Next, youíll want to find a junk piece of cardboard or wood which you can apply the resin to the mat/cloth on. The size depends on the size of the pieces of mat/cloth youíre using.

    Now, if youíre using mat, youíll want to TEAR it into smaller pieces. Do NOT cut it! Torn edges bond to the surrounding pieces and other layer much better. If youíre using cloth, donít try to tear itÖ Youíll end up with a wadded up mess. I like to take a piece of wood and lay all of these pieces out, so I can get to them easily when my fingers are sticky.