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    * StreetDeck - A Windows based frontend system. 30 day free trial. [WIKI]StreetDeck's Wiki Page[/WIKI]
    * Centrafuse - A complete software frontend for Windows XP and Vista-based mobile PCs such as the CarPC and the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC). Free 30-day Fully functional trial.
    * RoadRunner - An open source Microsoft Windows based software "frontend", very popular due to its expandability. Free to public.
    DashPC - A Linux based software "Frontend"
    * FrodoPlayer - A Microsoft Windows based software "frontend". Free to public
    * CCarProject - interface to play your songs in car (Macintosh only).
    * AMP - A Macintosh software "Frontend".
    * ICEł - Another Mac frontend.
    * Windows XP MCE - Windows XP Media Center Edition.
    * nGhost Media Center - Linux Based front-end software
    * LinuxICE project - Linux In Car Entertainment - A Live distribution for car PCs
    * SourceForge - The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications.
    * SoliCall Pro - A Windows based acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and recorder. 14 days free trial.

    For more information see the comprehensive software [WIKI]frontend comparison[/WIKI]