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  • Release Notes

    Here are the release notes for the current version

    Current Version : "Release 11/15/08 by Guino & Mitchjs"

    1. Added MitchJS "Touch" on-resume issue fix
    2. Added MitchJS Last Source Resume
    3. Added instant debug commands: DEBUGON/OFF
    4. Added SKIPTODESC command
    5. Added duplicate settings debug log warning
    6. Added ActiveSource/ActiveSourceID variables
    7. Added RTUNE command for radio direct tunning
    8. Added XMMute/SRMute direct toggle/set commands
    9. Added extra checks for Background image files
    10. Added presetspath setting (defaults to RoadRunner\Presets\)
    11. Added backgroundsspath setting (defaults to RoadRunner\Backgrounds\)
    12. Added pluginspath setting (defaults to RoadRunner\Plugins\)
    13. Added defaultbg setting to set default background image of skins
    14. Added support to as alternative for MPC in DVD mode
    15. Added Support to ONSLDxxxxx events for ALL slider codes
    16. Added option to disable iLists/DirectX usage
    17. Added support for Label from slider values
    18. Added modifier to LOADLIST so it doesn't clear current playlist
    19. Added Hard-Coded CTRL+ALT+Q Keyboard shortcut to quit RR
    20. Added PRESETLOAD/PRESETSAVED events (by MitchJS)
    21. Added Vista Master Volume Control Support (by MitchJS)
    22. Added ONBTNPRESS and ONBTNHOLD events, for every button
    23. Fixed Issue with Silabs not starting at last used Frequency
    24. Fixed Issue with SEARCHFILES when using iLists with no icons
    25. Fixed Issue with Heading and Status indicator paths/names
    26. Fixed issue with SEARCHFILES not updating song titles with lazytag=false
    27. Fixed issue with Indicator codes from extension plugins
    28. Fixed taskbar so it does not hide durning load, if not set in settings
    29. Improved background on transparent skins to default to black when no image set
    30. Improved IMG Definition so it can accept variables
    31. Improved Ipod Support for Newer models
    32. Improved SiLabs Radio Support
    33. Improved Extension Plugin Interface
    34. Improved BYVAR command to also work with true/false
    35. Improved GPS/Temp/Volt sensor reading to read even when RR is hidden
    36. Removed Built-In GPS Gas feature (no longer worked)

    For more information see documentation files located at:

    C:\Program Files\Road Runner\Documentation\