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XC90 Radio Replacement procedure

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  • XC90 Radio Replacement procedure

    I have just replaced the Factory Radio with an aftermarket. I decided to go for a double din.(Large LCD Screen to put in place)
    I spent hours doing this since this is an optical ring. What you need to know is the following.

    1. Put the ignition on move car to drive position. Then do the following make sure after removing the console "Do Not disconnect anything other than moving the whole radio assembly out of the way of the shifter. Then move the shifter in the Park position and turn off the ignition.(if you don't remember to do this you will register errors that only the factory can reset, airbag sensors etc...). You should then be able to remove the LCD and the two keypads.

    1. You need to remove the 3 pieces of the radio at the top portion. This is the LCD and whatís behind it, the keypad to the left and the key pad to the right. (You need to wrap these up and put something over the power button so it does not turn on the power. You can take out the CD changer and leave it out. Black tapes the optical wire that came from the CD so that you don't get the laser in your eye. This happened to me. You can tuck this in the back cavity later.

    2. You then need to take the glove compartment assembly out. This looks hard but it is relatively easy. Should be four screws on left and right inside when you open it. Then one bugger screw located in the middle that had me stumped for a while. Then outside of the glove compartment on the bottom assembly of locate 3 screws, then remove the glove assembly pulling up and out. Don't pull it to far out so you can unclip the wire connected to this for the glove light.

    3. Ok so now what you need to do is wrap the radio up so that all the three pieces stay connected. I would tape down the ribbon cables connecting the two keypads. If these break you are pretty much screwed. I securely wrapped them all together so that the system stayed tight. I then wrapped everything in foam small enough to fit in the upper left inside spot of the glove compartment corner. You will need to feed the orange wire (optical connector) and the green connector through the right upper portion of were the radio originally was to the glove area and connect the radio back up and tuck it in so that the glove box will fit back.

    4. Before putting the glove box back in, splice the white wire from the glove light connector and use a yellow wire long enough to get inside the radio area and extend 1 additional foot longer so that you can use this for the memory wire constant feed for the radio. (Do not use this for the power) then put the glove compartment back in.

    5. so now you need to order a Din dash replacement. this is a location but you can get it on eBay cheaper.

    6. If you decide to go to the 2 din size you will need to modify the single din and cut out the area of the radio face plate so it fits. (I used a DREMEL cutter and cut out only what I needed.) Buy your radio. If you use the double din radio you will have your work cut out for you. I did it but it was a little difficult to keep the back end of the stock connector intact. If you use a single din radio your life will be easier. it will fit right in where the CD changer was.

    7. So I then decided to create the power connector and us the purple lighter cable and quick disconnects so that I could remove the whole thing if I needed too. I used the black for the ground. (And remember the constant memory from the glove compartment.

    8. Next were the speakers. Most of the XC90's have 8 Speakers with the center console. I had only four speaker wires. So I connected the center console to the passenger side. Not to confuse the issue but if you look under the passengerís front seat you will see a box with 3 screws in it. You need to remove this. This is the amp. You will need to pick it up carefully since they don't give you a lot of slack with the wires. You need to look from the back for the connector closes to the driverís side. Remove this and you will see gray thick wires 14/16 gauge. The colors on the left side of the connectors are *** followed. The left Gray/Gray red is the front right speakers. The red tripe is positive. The next set to that is the center channels speaker. The next set is the right front speaker. (As you can see all the Gray/Red stripe wires are for the front. Next you will see the Gray/White set. The left most Gray white it the back left and the next set is the back right. Remember the white stripe is positive. I connected roughly 6 feet of 16 gauge wire to each of these and wrapped them up and fed them through the center console to the radio area. This is very simple from above the console. Then tape up the speak wires cut from the amp and then plug the amp connector back into its original location and test the speakers before remounting the amp. (You need to plug the rest of the wires in the green connector back in or you will have problems and never disconnect the orange optical cable)

    9. After that you can plug the radio assembly back in. Don't forget to plug in the climate control green connectors. You should not put this back in place yet because you have not installed an antennae. I would turn it on and put a CD in and see if everything works. (Remember if you ever forget to plug in the climate control or the orange optical cable (minus the CD optical) you will have errors that you cannot reset)

    10. If the radio turns on and you put a CD in and it plays well you are almost there.

    11. Antennae is the most frustrating problem with the whole install. After all you do the antennae does not get great reception in the car if you are looking for FM. You should run a 12. Foot extension to the back of the car (any way you can get it back there and put in an antenna in the roof area removing the two screws in the back roof toward the rear door. Here you will find the optical antennae used by the factory radio which is no use to you. To get better reception than a few fm channels you will need to mount a small antenna outside the car roof. (The RF shielding in this care is so good that you cannot get any signal other than the back rear roof. If you only car about IPOD XM Sirius then who cares about FM. I am giving up on FM.

    13. You can now install your assembly back in the car. Remember do not turn on the ignition until you plug in the temperature control module 2 connectors at this point. Then turn on the ignition move the gear shift back in Drive. (Make sure car is off) then put the assembly in place and put the car in park again. Test this to make sure everything is working and if it does put the console back together and pleasant listening.

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    Thank you for a superb guide!! The only thing that didnīt work out for me was the yellow memory cable! I connected it to the glove compartment light as you described but somehow the power in the car went out after an hour or so! So i had to line up a cable from the battery in the back of the trunk instead. But all the rest of the guide was superb!! It took me about 5-6 hours to complete the installation!!


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      Been trying to find some help on use of the mute and stand by features of the ByByte Quad 7850 AMP.

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