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  • LinuxICE

    It's been asked enough for me to make a stick:

    What is LinuxICE ?

    LinuxICE is a Linux based OS. It is derived from Ubuntu. It is meant to be a pre-configured, easy to use OS that shows off the technologies developed by the OpenICE team. It is also a method OpenICE uses to grow the OpenICE community: "If you like LinuxICE, and you feel it is a good idea and valuable, why not give back and make it better?"

    What is OpenICE ?

    OpenICE is an open source group with the goal to create free, and open source software for car entertainment. OpenICE is also the culmination of several projects including LinuxICE, nGhost and others. Its goal is to create a standard set of guidelines and applications based on those guidelines for building in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) systems.

    right now, OpenICE main target group is developers and system builders. While we try to make information available for end-users, we really just want to create software. We hope that in the future, Company/Project B will take our free stuff, fine-tune it for users and pre-install it on some hardware for end-users to enjoy more fully. This to us is the cloud-9! Of course, contribute back, so we can enjoy as well .

    What is nGhost

    nGhost is most analogous to a front-end like CentraFuse or StreetDeck. It provides an easy to use graphical interface, plays back media, provides plugin interfaces and communication methods with other applications, etc. However, it is not a front-end in traditional sense. nGhost is more an integrated part of the operating system, unlike it's cousins on the windows side.

    Why should I use LinuxICE instead of Window XP

    LinuxICE has many advantages over other systems. Listed below are a few of these advantages:
    • Fast Booting
    • Continuous One-click Updates
    • Low Maintainance - We've set everything up for you. Be up and playing music in < 1hr.
    • Free - Competing systems cost money. LinuxICE is every sense of free.

    To be fair, LinuxICE may have some disadvantages for some. Beware:
    • LinuxICE is *gasp* Linux. This isn't your grandma's OS. But we've gone to great lengths to make it easy enough for grandma to use.
    • LinuxICE doesn't run Windows Apps including iGuidance. LinuxICE comes with free navigation but it may not be as fancy as competing nav systems on windows.
    • LinuxICE may not include the feature that you want yet. LinuxICE is arguably a friendlier system for developers. Devs get access to *everything* they want. Sure, you have to cross over to the dark side, but if you are a developer, this is the platform to write your app/plugin for.
    Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
    Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
    Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.