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Common Problems with GPS on a Car PC

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  • Common Problems with GPS on a Car PC

    Problem: When plugging in the GPS to the serial port, the mouse starts running all over the screen, randomly clicking things! Answer: The operating system has mistaken the GPS for a serial mouse. Disable the serial mouse (normally in the device manager - don't delete it, set it to disabled).

    Problem: I want to use it to feed more than one application simultaneously. Is that possible? Answer: Yes. GPS is addicting and once you start being able to pinpoint your location, you start to collect applications that do various things with GPS and require simultaneous access to your unit. Unfortunately, if your GPS is serial, you can't share the com port between two applications like iGuidance and Netstumbler. Fortunately, there are a few solutions for this.

    * Some Bluetooth receivers permit more than one connection at a time.

    * GPSgate is a commercial application that allows you to share your ports with more than one application. It has a 14 day trial download.
    * Xport by our very own member Curiosity, also allows you to share access to your GPS.
    * [WIKI]GPSD[/WIKI] can act as a server to GPS applications, allowing more than one application to read from the GPS data stream at a time. Unfortunately, each application that needs GPS information must be [WIKI]GPSD[/WIKI] aware or you need to use virtual serial ports such as the one fromHW, and you may need to send the "R" character to the virtual serial port pointed to gpsd (typically, port 2947) to turn on the "Raw" NMEA data stream, but this can be done in a command window with "ECHO R >COMxx".