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  • Gpsd

    GPSD is a linux/unix standard program that serves a single GPS connection to application software. Most opensource GPS applications use GPSD. It normally resides at TCP port 2947.

    GPSD uses single letters to return information, e.g. L for location returns latitude and longitude.

    GPSD has a "raw" mode (using the "R" command) that sends NMEA data (if you have a NMEA GPS) over the network connection. You can then use a virtual serial port to create a local or remote connection that other programs which need it to be a serial port can use. Note that you might need a modified GPSD or have to find some way to manually send the "R" command (e.g. in a DOS window do something like "echo R >com12:"). Normally you can create multiple virtual serial ports, each having the GPS datastream.

    A free (but closed) virtual serial port driver is available from the HW Group