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    (Note: This topic includes both wireless cellular services such as GSM, Edge, and EVDO as well as local wireless ethernet [WIKI]Wifi[/WIKI] ([WIKI]802.11[/WIKI], access point) connections which are different and should not be confused)

    * Internet browsing through an eligible cell phone or wireless [WIKI]802.11[/WIKI] connection.
    * Wireless synchronization of files between desktop and carpc
    * Wardrive: Use your 802.11 b or g wireless connection and GPS, locate and log locations of wireless access points.
    * Use broadband internet phone options with cellular data card (Note that quality will be limited since cellular data normally has high latency).
    * Download traffic/weather information from internet.
    * Wireless Mobile Routers (e.g. Kyocera KR1) when used with a wireless broadband card can turn your car into a wireless access point.