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Configure StreetDeck for Kiosk Mode No Settings Changes

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  • Configure StreetDeck for Kiosk Mode No Settings Changes

    This information applies to version and later of StreetDeck.

    About Kiosk Mode
    Kiosk mode disables functions and modules that allow the user to change settings in StreetDeck and generic use of the machine as a computer.

    It suppresses some message boxes that display errors about hardware failures and just logs them to the log file.

    Message boxes that should have a settings button and are still shown, will not have a settings option available.

    The following functions are disabled:

    1. Settings
    2. Toggle Fullscreen
    3. Windowed Mode
    4. Minimize
    5. Sync. Removable Media
    6. Sync. Network Location

    StreetDeck will always start in fullscreen mode.

    The shutdown timeout is disabled

    The shutdown selection module is not shown and the default shutdown option is immediatly executed when the module should be shown

    Music files will not be automatically indexed on startup

    No USB or removable device insertion events are processed. This includes playing content from external media as well as performing upgrades / digitalmod installs on insertion.

    Draged and dropped files are not processed.

    Running in Kiosk Mode
    Use the -KioskMode command line parameter to use kiosk mode. i.e. "C:\program files\streetdeck\streetdeck.exe" -KioskMode