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Starting a New Addin Project in StreetDeck

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  • Starting a New Addin Project in StreetDeck

    This tutorial covers the most basic addin you can create in StreetDeck. It shows you how to create modules and overlays which allows you to make anything that does not play media. i.e. A weather DigitalMod. If you would like to make an addin that plays media (i.e. a sirius radio DigitalMod) you should read the [WIKI]Making a MediaManager DigitalMod (Addin)[/WIKI] tutorial after completing this tutorial. If you don't know what a Module, Overlay, or Media Manager is yet, you should read [WIKI]The StreetDeck Windowing System (Panels, Modules, Overlays, and MediaManagers)[/WIKI].

    Note that StreetDeck will refer to some things as scripts when in reality, if you are creating an addin, there will be no scripting involved, just compiled code in the COM language of your choice. StreetDeck does also support scripting, that topic is not covered in this tutorial though. Before we get started writing code for your new Addin, the first step is to start StreetDeck in Developer Mode (Start | Programs | StreetDeck | Tools | Development Environment) and then create a new script project by going to File | New | Script Project.

    This will automatically create a project and assign it a GUID. This GUID can be the same as the GUID you use to identify your addin to COM (explained below), but doesn't have to be. If we click on the new project in the module browser, the properties pane should be populated with the projects properties. You should fill in all applicable information to describe your addin to StreetDeck. If nothing else, you should at least fill in the Title property for your project.

    Note, the value for GUID in the project properties, when your project was created a new folder was created for it under My Documents\StreetDeck\Scripts\<GUID> where <GUID> is your project's GUID. Browse to this folder now by choosing Project | Browse Project Folder from the menu. Note that there is just a single file in the folder now call Project.txt. You should never edit this file directly, rather it is used by the development enviornment to automatically store all the meta data about your project.

    To be able to use this project folder for addins, you must create a sub folder call Addins. Your compiled binary (.dll) that implements the StreetDeck addin interface should be placed in this folder and the dll MUST be named after the ProgId for your addin. i.e. for a Prog Id of MyAddin.MyClass the file should be called ..\My Documents\StreetDeck\Scripts\<GUID>\Addins\MyAddin .MyClass.dll. Create the Addins sub folder now in windows explorer.

    Close StreetDeck.