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Debugging your Addin with StreetDeck

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  • Debugging your Addin with StreetDeck

    To debug your addin as it runs in StreetDeck, you should right click on your project in the solution explorer and click Properties.

    Under the Application tab, you must make sure the name of your .dll matches the ProgId of your com object. Set the Assembly name to match whatever you put for the ProgId of your addin. i.e. StreetDeck.TestAddin

    Under the Build tab, set the output folder to your script directory, i.e. My Documents\StreetDeck\Scripts\<GUID>\Addins. You should also have Visual Studio automatically register your addin for you by checking the Register for COM interop setting.

    Finally, under the debug tab, you should set the working directory to your installed StreetDeck location (usually C:\program files\StreetDeck). Set the command line arguments to -testmode and under the Start external program option browse to and select the StreetDeck.exe file.

    You should now be able to run and debug your project.

    When the StreetDeck starts up, you should be able to go to DigitalMods and choose your project from the list which will take you to a module in the project. If an overlay is in your addin and is set to visible, it will always be visible whenever StreetDeck is running.