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    All projects are Visual Studio 2005 C# projects.

    To use these projects, both the sdz project must be installed and the source code downloaded. To install the sdz file, simply double click on it, or drag and drop it onto a running instance of StreetDeck. For the c# project, you will have to change the output location and debugging options in the visual studio project properties for the dll after downloading to match the installed locations on your computer.

    Example 1: Basic StreetDeck Addin This is the project created in the tutorial above and is the most basic addin you can create. [UL=""][Example 1 SDZ][/URL] [C# Project]

    Example 2: Comprehensive StreetDeck Addin. This is a project that demonstrates some of the most common things you would want to do with the StreetDeck SDK including creating controls, working with the navigation engine, sending functions to StreetDeck, Text to Speech, and Playing videos. [Example 2 SDZ][C# Project]