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Use Professional Audio VST plugins for tuning inside Winamp

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  • Use Professional Audio VST plugins for tuning inside Winamp

    VST effects plugins are professional audio software plugins the allow you to alter/change audio in real time. They work with a variety of programs including Winamp when you have it setup properly.

    For even more advanced ideas on tuning see the Software Options for Tuning thread or even better the WIKI PAGE. ASIO opens the door for even better tuning combined with VST plugin effects. For now, we will focus on the easier part.

    1) Download and Install Winamp if you haven't already. Do not launch the program yet.

    2) Download and install the Winamp VST plugin Bridge. This will be needed to use VST plugins inside winamp.

    3) Unzip/Copy/install the plugin into the Winamp plugin directory.

    Example location: ''C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins''

    4) Open/Launch Winamp and select the menu “options”, then “preferences”. You can also right click in the box showing track time and do this as well.

    You should now have a window that looks like this:

    5) Scroll down to “DSP/effect” and select the "VST host DSP"

    Now you are ready to use VST plugins. For example if you want to use a 31 band EQ found here:

    Free VST 31 band EQ

    Download a VST plugin and put it into a folder you can find easily. You will need to browse to this folder later.

    Back to Winamp...

    6) Click on “Configure active plugin”

    7) Then click in the vst plugin box and “load dll”

    8) Browse to the same folder where you unzipped/copied/installed the EQ plugin and select it.

    9) If all is well the EQ should pop up and you now have a 31 band EQ for Winamp.

    Then you should be able to play with the vst plugin you selected. It’s easier to use winamp specific plugins available from their website, but the VST plugins are professional based plugins used for many different programs. In winamp you can only use one vst plugin at a time unless you can get the VST plugin chainer working.

    '''For more info on VST and VST effects or where to find VST effects, click here'''.