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    The Mp3Car Google Meet Map is a project dedicated to easing the finding of nearby meets to Mp3Car forum users. It was originally created by Nick (Reno91011), an Mp3Car 2008 summer intern. You can find a forum thread to discuss the map at

    The meet map is used in order to easier find nearby meets and people on the Mp3Car forums. The boxes with text fields and buttons above the map are used to refine the searches. The upper box is used solely to find meets, while the lower box is used to find meets and people within a specified mile radius of the flashing question mark. The search fields are relatively self-explanatory, with one corresponding to locations (city, state, zip, and country), while also allowing for searches of meets based upon the date. The "Meet Search" will find all meets that pass the search details, while the "My Meets" will find all meets that pass the search details and also have the currently logged-in user as one of the attendees.

    The second box is used in conjunction with the flashing question mark found in the middle of the map. By putting in a number (for miles) in the textbox next to "Search Radius (Miles)", the map will display all of the meets within that radius when you click on "Meet Circle". If you were to click on "Member Circle" instead, it would find all of the members within that radius who have added their location in the Member Map found at This search function is also able to be refined by using the second group of date textboxes.

    A user can sign themselves up as attending, tentatively attending, or maybe attending a meet by finding a meet they want to go to and clicking on the meet marker or its name in the right-hand column. A user then goes to the attendance tab and clicks on "Edit Your Status" to go to a form that allows for a comment and attendance status to be input. After saving the changes, the user will be marked as attending.


    First, email [email protected] to be put into the organizer's group.

    Admins, Super Moderators, Individual Forum Moderators, and the newly created group of Organizers are all able to create and edit meets, as well as edit an individual user's comments in their attendance status. The Meet Creation page is relatively straight-forward. Fill out the top form with the main information, move the marker on top-right map in order to choose where the meet will be and then click on the button underneath the map to get the markers latitude and longitude automatically placed into the right field, and fill out the rest of the form as necessary. However, before creating a meet through this form, a new thread should be started in the meets area so that it can be linked to correctly. The button to the left of the "Details" tab textbox is a simple way to get all of the information from the above fields into the main area, while the "Attendance" tab is not editable since it is system generated.

    Editing a previously created meet is very similar to the creation of a new meet. Only a Super Moderator, Admin, Individual Forum Moderators, or the meet's original creator can edit a meet. This means that one Organizer leveled user cannot edit another Organizer leveled user's meet. The administration of a meet is very straightforward since it is used solely to edit the comments of another user if that person used inappropriate language.

    It isn't necessarily the most complex system possible, but it should hopefully be a solid starting point for further customization based around what organizers and attendees need.

    *Add a place to your meet:
    ** Enter this code in the tab details section: <tr><td>Place: <td> enter your place here