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  • How to Make Windows Boot Faster

    What basic knowledge and/or skills do I need in order to put a CarPC in my car?

    Many people are very interested in putting a PC in their cars only to realize that there are a few skills that you need to at least have a grasp on before attempting a project like this.

    Knowing how to build a computer and understanding the basics of electronics and wiring are of critical importance. If you do not have these skills, it is suggested that you either take the time to freshen up on these, or purchase an all in one solution like the G4 Powered by StreetDeck.

    Or like these units: Pre Built CarPCs

    If you are interested in integrating your system into your car and trying to make it seamless, you will probably want to head on over to the Fabrication Forum and read up on fabrication techniques and how-tos.

    If you still have a few questions about all of this, I’d suggest spending ample amount of time in the FAQ Emporium. Just about every basic question and then some has been posted and discussed in this sub-forum. However, please note that the FAQ Emporium is NOT intended as a place to ask your questions. It is intended as a place for people to post answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

    If you do have questions that you would like to ask, please be smart in asking your questions. It's greatly appreciated by the members of this community.

    Article written by MatrixPC, RedGTIVR6