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How Fast of a Processor Do I Need?

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  • How Fast of a Processor Do I Need?

    I’ve done a bit of searching and I’ve noticed that people seem to be using underpowered computers in their cars, why is this?

    Lets face it, most of us who have come into this hobby have done so from a computer background in the first place. We’'e very performance oriented, and many times we like to have the biggest and baddest systems out there.

    There’s a few problems with that in an automotive environment though:

    • How will you provide power to that power hungry beast?
    • How do you cool that monster?
    • Where do you put something so big?
    • Do you really need that much power in your car?

    We’ll give an example based on a general experience of users who have successfully put PCs in their cars.

    Many users are currently running the VIA MI12000 motherboard, 512 MB ram, and an 80 GB hard drive. They're running onboard video, and using any number of USB sound cards (of which you can pick through from this thread. Many users are also using a USB GPS dongle (the GlobalStat BU-353).

    These users report that they are able to run mp3s and navigation at the same time without any issue. That’s on the equivalent of an 800 MHz processor and 512 MB of memory.

    What you do in your car, and what you do on your desktop are two totally different things.

    Sure, there are those out there that want to be able to play DoomIII in their car.
    We have to wonder why?
    How is playing DoomIII on a small (7" or 8") screen any fun? Not to mention, we all know you shouldn't be playing games while driving. Your passangers aren't going to appreciate playing such an intensive game on a small screen and just how often are you going to be sitting in your car with hours to waste playing games?

    Keep this all in mind when you spec out the parts and pieces for your CarPC. It will make your live much easier and will probably make this whole project that much more enjoyable.

    Article written by RedGTiVR6.