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What Kind of Screen Can I Use?

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  • What Kind of Screen Can I Use?

    What kind of screen do I need? Will this (insert typical car audio screen here) screen work? Can I use the touch screen from my head unit to control my PC?

    Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to run into this dilemma, and you certainly won’t be the last either.

    A computer uses what is called VGA (Video Graphics Array). It is a much higher resolution than your typical screen from a Car Audio manufacturer.

    What this means for you:
    Most car audio screens are composite video. This standard does not lend its self well to the complexity that a computer presents. Your images will be fuzzy and text will be difficult to read. This is one reason we here in the community use VGA screens for our CarPCs.
    The other issue you will run into is the ability to control your computer from that specialized car audio head unit. Most VGA touch screens that individuals are using here at use either a USB or a serial connector for the touch screen over lay. This essentially acts as your mouse on your desktop. In order to use your car audio head unit touch display, you would have to open up your expensive screen and hack into the wiring and circuitry, adding on your own USB or serial connector. Then you would have to write your own drivers. If you are well versed in this procedure, then by all means give it a go and be sure to post up your project! But if you’re reading this, chances are you are quite that geeky and would be much happier using a solution that fits your needs much better.

    May we suggest the store?

    Find out more about Video Standards here.

    Article written by RedGTiVR6