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Where Can I Mount My Screen?

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  • Where Can I Mount My Screen?

    Where Do I Mount My Screen?

    One of the first questions that nearly every newcomer to the community asks is “Where am I going to mount my screen?”

    This is one of the most important aspects of your install. If your screen is not easily readable or easily accessible, the benefits of having a computer in your car are negated. Mounting your screen in such a manner that it is out of sunlight, within reach, and possibly even hidden from prying eyes, are the most important factors to your screen install.

    A good place to start looking for ideas is to check out the worklogs or finished projects forums. Do a quick search in each of those forums for the particular car that you have in mind and read up a bit on where people have placed their screens in cars like yours.

    Once you have a location in mind, you might want to do some fabricating. If this is the case, we urge you to check out the fabrication forum and the awesome stickies found in there for more help on how to fabricate your new dash.

    Some of those stickies are as follows:

    Article written by DarquePervert, RedGTiVR6.
    Linked stickies written by MP3DUB, Altimat.