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What Is The Best Front End?

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  • What Is The Best Front End?

    What is the best front end?

    So you’ve picked out all of your components, you’ve planned out the install, you’ve got everything laid out in your head. Then it hits you…What front end should I use?

    It’s one of the most common questions asked on this board. After all, what good is a CarPC if you can’t easily use it!?

    Check out this thread started by xBrady: Which is the best front end?

    Here you will be able to read through many peoples thoughts and experiences on each front end.

    The simple answer to this question is the one dreaded by most. It’s completely up to you. What may work for one individual in one install may not work at all for another.

    Spend some time over in the Front End sub forums. Download them all! Try them all out for a while. Gradually you will learn what features you like and what features you have absolutely no idea how to use, or think you would never need. The developers of each front end are generally very willing to help. If you have specific questions about how to use an aspect of a front end, post them up in the appropriate forum, someone is bound to be able to help you out!

    Article written by wizardPC, RedGTiVR6.