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ASIO VST Plug-in Audio Tuning Method

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  • ASIO VST Plug-in Audio Tuning Method

    Items Needed To Tune Using the ASIO VST Tuning Method

    • A mulitchannel soundcard with ASIO drivers and routing WDM/MME sound to ASIO.
      Cards brands known to have this feature - Audiotrak, ESI Pro, Some M-Audio, RME
    • If you plan on using more then one plugin (i.e. EQ, crossover, time delay) then you need 'Console'.

    • Crossover Filter - 'Frequency Allocator' - 'Full' or 'Lite' delending on your situation and needs.

    • EQ - Pick one from this list.

    • Time Delay - 'Voxengo Time Delay'
    How To...

    How to Use Console
    1. Install plug-ins into one common folder to make it easier to find.

    2. Set your folder options to “show hidden files”.
      Mainly for Frequency Allocator, otherwise Console will not find it.
    3. Open up Console and select your “Audio” card.

    4. Select ASIO from driver type, then select your device. Finally, make sure you have all your channels available. If your device isn’t listed as a device, you need to get the ASIO4ALL drivers installed and/or use VAC (Virtual Audio Cable program).

    5. Open up console and click on path.

    6. Browse to the folder you put the plug-ins in from Step 1 by clicking “Add” then “All”. Hit OK once you have found the folder with the plug-ins.

    7. Back in the main window, click on “plugin” and you will get a box that looks like this.
      From there, click on the plugin you want to use, and drag it into the window workspace.

    8. You can drag in as many plugins you need to use.

    9. Now click on “Intrnl” to get your soundcard inputs and outputs. Click and Drag each “Wave In” and “Wave Out”. When using a soundcard with multiple outputs your wavein/out will show more than 2 channels. On this computer, the onboard card used as an example only has 2 channels.

    10. Now it’s time to “wire” everything up. Play connect the dots. Click on 1 in wave in then drag over to 1 on the delay box. Do the same for the remaining. It should look like this when done.

    11. Now you can click on the plugin box and you can use it for what you need. For the delay in the car, you will be dealing with 0.00ms. From here it is up to you to use the plugins how you see fit.

    12. Now click on the Power button to turn on the whole setup. You will note the lights change on each device in the window. You can turn off individual parts too by clicking those “lights”.

    13. You can save your setup to recall it later. Below is an example of how it could look when you combine 2 EQ's, Frequency Allocator and 4 Voxengo Stereo Delays.
    Article written by Durwood.