BUG: DVD playback seems like its missing every other frame.

Error: Older FP always played DVD's smoothly; 1.0.9 has induced this choppiness.

System: Windows XP Pro SP2; WMP10; FP take 3; WinDVD 6.0 (for DVD codec); AC3Filter ver 0.70b

Misc: My system is at the edge of solid DVD playback. But in my past tests, playing DVD's with AC3filter
kept me at around 90% cpu usage and DVD's played fine. (playing a DVD in WinDVD using Audigy 2 NX digital output was at 96 to 100%)
When the laptop peaked out it would chop the sound not the video. So I do not believe
that it is that. Althought the new FP has alot more features that may be overwhelming
my baseline laptop. (ie: webserver.... anyway to kill that? during DVD playback? ) IF THAT'S WHY....