I'm using radiator with a winTV USB for radio with sound through the mic line. I can't get frodoplayer to use the mic line for volume control. I tried editing the frodoplayer.ini changing the "RADIO_VOL_CONTROL=MIC" but frodo defaults to the master volume control which is very anoying when switching menus and master is changed.

Can you add mic line in the settings menu?

Secondly, Is there a way to keep the radio on when I switch to the embedded iGuidance GPS mode? I asked earlier about a volume control in GPS mode?

As a last comment, I use PG-VTag plugin in Windows Media Player 9 to see the lyrics and album art while playing MP3s. Since the lyrics are not scrolling (I'm working on a kareoke mode) I must mouse click on the lyrics to page through them. Unfortuantely, the only frodoplayer skin that support this method of following the lyrics is liquid_1.5GPS_PC. I think it has something to do with focus being lost by PG-VTag whenever the fullscreen menu pops up, but I tried leaving it on and that didn't help either. I use a Logitech 3D Extreme joystick and Joystick2mouse (an XML interface)for remote control of basic functions: volume up/down, next/previous song, mouse movement, etc., and I have to click on certain areas of the skins to get the focus back to frodo so these functions work. My only workaround was to create joy2mouse .xml files for all frodo internal, plugins and external apps for basic controls but it doesn't always work.