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Thread: RESUME after hibernate frodoplayer paused until user input

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    I have a similar situation to you guys. After coming out of hibernation, frodplayer loses the sound card aparently. Also if I leave frodoplayer open and then go to hibernation it takes twice as long to resume than if I just closed frodo and hibernated. I can't figure this thing out. The funny thing is that frodo will register the click sounds when pressing buttons. I believe the problem lies with my sound card. I jsut redid my setup and the only differences are that now I have SP2 and am using FDDshow or whatever it is called. Other than that everything is the same.

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    just a quick update with my solution to the "resume from hibernate needing user input before the computer will do anything problem".

    parts: usb optical mouse, cpu fan, tape

    so i taped the optical mouse to the fan and hooked up to my cnx p1900. whenever the laptop turns on, the fan turns on. because the optical mouse sits directly on top of the fan, the mouse starts moving. that solves the input problem.

    the next issue was how to get the mouse to stop moving. having the mouse constantly would screw up a lot of functions in most frontends. to correct this i used girder, autoit, and devcon. onresume, girder executes an autoit script that uses devcon to disable the usb optical mouse. onsuspend, the opposite happens and the mouse is enabled. i've tested it and it does work.
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    My issues are that I go into hibernate and coming back the touch screen doesnt work correctly until I use a mouse. It's almost like the touch screen is "right clicking' and it gets resetted after using the mouse. Also the touch screen is only highlighting the last operation used before hibernating. :?? Im baffled, I've used all the drivers and disabled "auto right click" on the touchkit utility.
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