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Thread: SHELL Runtime error 53 - file not found (when music library changes)

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    SHELL Runtime error 53 - file not found (when music library changes)

    I'm using the following version:


    1. Have a set of folders of MP3 files; let Frodo play them.
    2. Behind the scenes, background task runs and copies new music folders to the same tree (like my robocopy task connecting to network share over Wifi and picking up new stuff on my main medialibrary)
    3. FP, eventually will crash with runtime error 53: File not found. Author would probably know how to isolate this (possibly have just 2 MP3 files on step 1, then force FP to navigate into new folders or something).


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    More info on this.

    It could be related to non-english characters in folder names. If you have issues with repro, let me know and I can send you a zipped tree of empty folders to test.

    I can also repro runtime error 53 when I do a directory browse in the main screen, then use double click to navigate in the tree. When I double click on the parent folder that contains these non-english char sub-folders, I get the error and frodoplayer closes.

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