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Thread: German Error Message?

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    German Error Message?

    I have installed FP on my machine three times, and everytime i start the program an error message comes up saying....
    Der Mixer Kann Nicht Geoffnet Werden.

    what the heck is up with that?

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    The mixer cannot be found.
    Do you have a sound card ?!
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    Just to be correct: The Mixer cannot be opened.

    I'm not sure if this doesn't make a difference so I thought I'd mention it.

    BTW: Here's a link to a guy who had the same problem.
    error starting frodoplayer

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    Hmm...yeah, turns out i didnt have my multimedia controller drivers installed. Bigger problem, however. Once i installed the correct drivers, everything worked perfectly. THat is, until i restart the computer. it boots up, reaches the xp bootscreen, then goes black...then i have no other choice but to reboot to my last known good configuration settings. This results in me losing my audio drivers again. I cannot fix this problem for the life of me. any ideas?

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    safemode? then removed everything instartup...also i'd uninstall your audio drivers, reboot....make sure you have the newest ones before continuing
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