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Thread: address with up/down keys

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    address with up/down keys

    hi all

    why its not possibole to use the keyboard up/down arrow keys in the address menu??

    in the history menu the up/down arrow keys are working fine.

    hope some1 can help.


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    tnx for your replay,

    i cheakd with mapmonkey and its working fine,you can scroll up/down in the address menu from the keyboard.just need to point the hotkey for that.

    shame freedrive dont have it.

    any idea how to make it work with freedrive?


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    great,i will wait for your replay.

    thank you very much!!

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    hey m8,any news?


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    Sorry, not working on that at the moment, need to get an updated Traffic Cams out first and then I can take a look at some of the others programs I tinker with.

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