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Thread: RELEASE - FreeDrive 0.52 PLUS II

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    ok.. speedcams are finished.. (just a couple of sdk commands to add) I have been out for a quick drive, added a couple of cams to a road and then driven past them to check the alert works fine, and stops once past. The verison that i'm release wont work with any previous versions of FD, I have changed the way the colours are held in the skins to hex values, which is alot easier to edit I think. Lots of other updates and fixs have been included like a new map dialog. I have also made a start on a new freedrive website.. freedrive will still be free but i'm going to be asking that those that wish to use it be a member of the freedrive site, you will benefit two ways form this.. update emails when new versions are released and online tracking when this is introduced in a week or two. Of course all of this will be free. I will also be including a donations button just incase you like the software and feel like sending me some pennys to pay for the hosting of the site and a few beers for me ;-)

    anyway keep watching and expect a release either later tonight or tomorrow



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    Looking forward to it. Great job.
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