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    Quote Originally Posted by ketchup318
    so you're probably wondernig why all these questions... anyways, i'm uploading a view of what i'm working on.. so far it's just a mod/rip of the default freedrive and zots skin... but as soon as i get all the coding done correctly i'll work on the image.. =)
    I have been doing this in RR for MM. It is displaying a JPG for the direction that is coming out of destinators SDK. I'm also using the distance to the next maneuver but the SDK in MM does not seem to return a valid distance except when the next maneuver is within 3000 meters distance (when destinator is starting to announce the next maneuver)

    I will try to see if it is easy to create support for freedrive.

    See my skin I use:

    The last three lines are:
    1. Current street
    2. Name of next street
    Right side is jpg indicating the maneuver to the next street. The distance should be in the 3rd line but only shows if the distance is less then 3 km.
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    oh, i like your arrow... you are doing exactly what i'm doing but for MM... i've kinda switch over to FD cause it seems more user friendly... not to mention CDR responds within an hour (it seems)!!!

    As for me, i'm using Zot's skin and the default skin for FD... it's worked pretty good so far. I need to update my flash applets.

    Also i'm still working if the external GPS screen, like the one above... i'm trying to maximize map space, which still including turns and distances and street... it's a challenge for figure out a logical way to do all that. I guess i have to look at more OEM navi systems.

    post your skin when you have it working ... i guess if it looks good, i can try it on my skin... and i'll do the same.
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    CdR, tested the beta of 0.80 you sent me in the car today ... the speedcam stuff is fixed :-) One happy bunny here! The stuttering alerts were doing my fruit in!

    Its working perfectly, no apparent bugs so far with this version but will keep you posted.

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