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Thread: Speed Camera input screen help required

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    Speed Camera input screen help required

    I have a problem with the screen that you are supposed to enter a new camera.
    I have entered the camera speeds 30,50,60,80,100,120 in the settings.ini file but when I go to the camera input screen I can see the default speed setting of 10,20,30,40,56,60.

    Can someone help me out on this ?

    Thanks in advance
    The road is long but we are getting there.

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    The default speeds on the camera input screen are on the skin graphics themselves not text.

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    they are ment to show your altered settings.. opps.. sorry

    please replace the exe with the below one.. now please note.. I aint tested this one yet, so its prob got more bugs in it than the one your running.. but u might as well test if for me :-) eta/etr is also fixed.. hmm we can call this 0.81 update

    grab it at

    let me know how you get on.



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