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Thread: FD 0.82 update

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    No news,

    perhaps Baby arrived ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    Got a guy at work in the same boat. He's not in today, wife has gone in for some checks but he's gone as well. Just in Case.
    Why is he pregnant as well???

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    i can't get certain commands to work in a rr skin (fd 0.82)

    for instance:


    the others i've tried seem to work.

    what is the current list of COMsend commands? (REQUESTS list also please)
    i've tried finding the ones you've added in various posts but i'd like to know if i've found them all.

    also: when imbedding freedrive roadrunner minimizes, you've done some rr skins, so how do i get around this?

    last thing: can i call the original menu when using a skin with the "new rr menu thing" (or will you be adding support for the last 5% of the settings as a comsend command; it that case it wouldn't really matter.)

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    see, that's what i meant.

    i have a readme.txt that tells me to use toggleview, lookie:

    view2d - changes to 2d view
    view3d - changes to 3d view
    viewbirdseye - changes to birdseye view
    day - changes to day skin
    night - changes to night skin
    address - shows the address input page
    history - shows the history page
    favorites - shows the favorites page
    home - goes to the address in favorites called 'HOME'
    cancel - returns to the main screen
    clear - clears current route and returns to the main screen
    go - like pressing the go button
    delete - like pressing the delete button
    add - like pressing the add button
    swap - swaps between city and postcode on address screen
    street - like pressing the street button
    house - like pressing the house button
    keyboard - like pressing the keyboard button
    zoom - alters map zoom when in 2d / birdeyes view mode ie. COMsend "FreeDrive","ZOOM:-20" to zoomin an extra 20% "ZOOM:+20" to zoom out a extra 20%
    menu - shows menu
    up - moves selected item one up
    down - moves selected item one down
    pgup - pages up the selected list
    pgdown - pages down the selected list
    toggleview - changes view between 2d - 3d - birdseye
    savepos - takes you to the save pos screen
    hide - hides freedrive
    show - shows freedrive
    resize - resizes freedrive ie COMsend "FreeDrive","RESIZE:0:0:800:600"
    input - Sends anytext to the textbox ie. COMsend "FreeDrive","INPUT:L" would send L or "input:TRYTHIS" would send TRYTHIS
    you can also use "input:{bs}" to backspace (delete last letter) or "input:{ }" for a " " (space). The input
    command uses VB's sendkeys command, so just follow that format :-)
    quit - ends FreeDrive
    quickorshort - swaps between the quickest and shortest route (can swap whilst routing)
    skin - opens skin menu
    importcams - opens cam import box
    setgps - opens the set gps screen
    changeunits - swaps units from M to KM and back again

    could you look over this list and tell me which ones are wrong (or missing)


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    That's the same as what I have, however I'm playing around with the Idrive skin that someone is doing and they have viewtoggle and it works

    I also find the up and down aren't working.

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    yeah, I was doing it from my head and did "toggleview" that didnt work, so I tried "viewtoggle" and it worked... out of memory really

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of

    Trying to do a POI screen for the iDrive skin but there doesn't seem to be a command to get it.

    Also if I am in an address/history/favorites screen/skin and do a "SENDMSG;FreeDrive;go||EXIT",""

    it stops calculating the route and just goes back to the previous screen.

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