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Thread: calculating more precise routes

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    calculating more precise routes

    is it possible to calculate more detailed routes? and one that passes more than one country?

    for example: i live in the southwest of germany. i'd like to drive to st.tropez in south france for holiday. but i won't use the motorway until i arrive at dijon (middle-east of france).

    it wouldn't be a problem to calculate 2 routes if i could only select what kind of streets i'd like to use on them.

    thanks for any hints and sorry for my bad english Wink


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    'Lo Jens & welcome to MP3Car.

    I think waypoints could keep you off the motorway and through some interesting country. You'll have to plan your trip in more detail.. but the drive should be rewarding for it.


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    you also need to use Major roads eo EU. So you can go fromgermany to france with one map then use france map to visit.

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    Is it possible with FreeDrive or Destinator SDK based stuff in general to do some sort of a "Detour" function?

    I have it on the Mercedes stock nav, and I actually found it useful... you get to a traffic jam, and hit a DETR button, it tells you like "Detour from Traffic Jam" and then says a few alternatives listed by distance (if there is more than one possible detour) and then avoids that particular road for a certain distance...

    It would be useful for large traffic ridden cities one would think, but would the crappy destinator allow such thing?

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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