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Thread: FD Positioning Error

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    Question FD Positioning Error

    Hi All,
    I noticed when trying out Alturion that it is able to plot my current, static position accurately. Well it jumps back and forth between my house and next door, but FD always says I am about 5doors (75-100yds) further up the street, sometime on the next street round the corner.

    I always thought this was just the innacurracy of the BU-303 but now I've noticed Alturion is pretty much spot on using same GPS feed so it must be FD - (MM is off too but only by about 1/2 as far as FD!

    Can this be fixed?

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    I cant understand that there is any difference between FD and MM as its the SDK that does all the work, its nothing to do with any code we have wrote, sadly theres nothing we can do about this.


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    Is there not something that Ninja did in MM that sort of corrected the position as MM gives a different address to FD when you switch between the two (close one- open other-close-open first-etc...)

    They consistently give different addresses

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