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Thread: FD doesn't embed properly in FrodoPlayer sometimes?

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    FD doesn't embed properly in FrodoPlayer sometimes?

    I searched the forum and found one other user who reported that FD sometimes didn't embed into FrodoPlayer....

    I've had FD installed for a couple of days now - it is an GINORMOUS improvement over Routis that I was using previously!

    However, sometimes when I load FD within FrodoPlayer it gets stuck at the "loading skins" screen. The screen just stays black with the grey title bar for the current song playing and "hide" button at the top. The FD voice still gives directions, but there is no display. I can use the hide button to get back to FrodoPlayer.

    It seems that the problem only occurs when I am playing music and simultaneously try to load FD, but I can't say this for certain.

    I've followed the instructions by Frodo to embed FD from the FAQ section of the FD forum.

    I'm running:
    800x480 resolution on a PCI video card
    Epia M10K
    512MB RAM
    1GB CF WinXP O/S

    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Please help, as I am LOVING FD and I want to continue using it!

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    open up settings.ini in the freedrive folder and see what it says

    #savesize and position of screen (0=no 1=yes) Set to 1 to help in speed of embedding
    #size left,top,width,height in pixels
    size= 0,0,800,600

    set it to the above, it sounds like its not loading its skin. I can only assume you might have savesize=1

    let me know


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    Nope, the setting is savesize=0 so that's not it

    Should the size= 0,0,800,600 actually be

    size= 0,0,800,480 since I am running 800x480 resolution? Would that have any affect?

    EDIT: I changed the .ini file to read 0,0,800,480 and it has no effect on the embedding problem.

    Any chance that changing the .ini to savesize=1 will *help* the problem?

    Any other ideas? I can't imagine it is because my system is too slow...I mean, EPIA boards aren't known for being speed demons, but it should be enough power to not cause problems with things like this...

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    Change it to =1 and try it. I have this problem sometimes too, i click "hide" to go back to FP then i close FP and open it back up again. Almost always on the second try it embeds correctly.

    I'm going to try the savesize=1 thing and see if i every have this problem again.

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    I found that this happens if you click hide on the grey bar before the software has fully loaded. I don't normally have music playing at the same time as loading the GPS software so haven't observed any link there.

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