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Thread: TMC Possible ? May Be With PN ( GNS 2.0 )

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    TMC Possible ? May Be With PN ( GNS 2.0 )

    Been looking around as I now have one of the following GPS units and it does look like that Destinator PN supports the GNS 2.0 protocol - or in other words TMC via RDS. The only question remaining is... Does the PC DLL also support it ?

    Terran ( Available for testing if some one works this out )

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    The PC DLL is not the problem, but the front end. I don't know if Freedrive supports TMC. I'm wondering, anyone?

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    sheesh... sirf 3. I'm way back at nmea, am i the only one left?

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    I am still waiting for a stable release of the PN version so I can crack on and update FreeDrive.. we are in limbo stage at the moment it seems. I will be however be releasing a 0.90 version soon(ish) with some bug fixs. There wont be many additions but I want to iron out all them dam bugs.


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    Which version of PN are you talking about? The 5 version? that would be very nice, this version supports crossmap navigation.

    How do I have the understand the relation between Destinator SDK, 3(pro), PN etc.?

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